Welcome to the Corner Coffee House coffee and cakes page. This page is a celebration of all the wonderful food and drink products that we sell.

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10 DS Latte 2 CU
Our lattes are a mixture of espresso coffee and steamed milk, crowned with a layer of milk frothed into a pattern.


Our cappuccinos are a mixture of espresso, steamed milk and a generous portion of frothed milk, sprinkled with chocolate or cinnamon to taste.

Cappuccino smaller

And our

2014-02-11 11.09.37
These babies are one/two shots of espresso poured into hot water, so that the crema can remain on top. A lovely, rich, uncomplicated coffee. What about our

2014-01-07 11.48.48
Our mochas are made with a whole portion of hot chocolate, into which an espresso shot is poured. Some chocolate is then sprinkled onto the mixture, before latte milk is used to raise the level to the top, creating a delicious swirl.

Flat White

Our flat white is served in a smaller, 8oz cup. It is an intense double-shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk.

We also serve:

Hot chocolate 
We use Verde’s own Continental Blend Hot Chocolate, in a mug or cup, marshmallows optional.

Spicy chai latte 
Chai latte is a delicate sweet blend of aromatic ginger, vanilla, cinnamon and tea, frothed with milk and sprinkled with cinnamon.

And of course, never forgetting our wonderful cakes, baked in-house by a hard working team:

Pop in, and you may be tempted with lemon drizzle cake, or Victoria sponge, chocolate tiffin bites, or tasty mocha cake, Granny’s fruit cake, Jamaican ginger cake, millionaire shortbread or flapjack.

We also do speciality Italian flat bread sandwiches (superb toasted) and a range of panini:

Flat Bread 2

Here are some more photos which tell their own story:

Our Christmas decorations (just after we opened in 2013):
2013-12-18 19.36.26

A double-shot latte with a light bite:
Latte and Tiffin smaller

Victoria sponge:
2014-01-24 14.02.15

… and our new Summer speciality, the Affogato (which means “drowned”) – a scoop of vanilla ice cream drowned in a shot of espresso!