All about our new espresso!

We’ve been serving the new coffee for a number of weeks now, and we think it’s time to tell you all about it!


The Corner Coffee House are proud to be serving the finest ethnically-sourced coffee from our friends at Cielo, the inspirational roastery and coffee chain which has taken Yorkshire by storm. Cielo White on Black

Our new Presenza espresso bean is a delicate and well-refined blend:
50% of it is coffee from the Indian Bibi plantation, which is run by Faiz Moosakutty in Karnataka, Southern India, who works on his plantation with his family of 100 workers, and provides them with free electricity, free housing and free medical assistance. Faiz also offers interest free loans to assist with the education of his workers’ children. You can find out more about his work HERE.

Faiz Moosakutty

Faiz Moosakutty

50% of it is coffee from the Brazilian Fazenda Lagoa, which is run by Marcelo Vieira. After picking, the ripened coffee cherries are sorted and moved to the farm’s drying patios on the same day that they are picked. You can find out more about this coffee HERE.

Meanwhile, our decaffeinated coffee is sourced from a plantation in Mexico, which provides employment in one of the poorest states in the country. You can find out more about the decaff HERE.

And with all Cielo coffee, a percentage of sales go to curing clubfoot in Ethiopia. You can find out more HERE.

We are sure you will agree with us that every cup of Corner Coffee House espresso is not only delicious, but also makes a significant difference to individuals and communities around the world.

The Corner Coffee House: changing the world one cup at a time.