Our New Decaff: Las Delicias

“Las Delicias”

Cielo White on BlackOur new decaffeinated coffee comes from Cielo Coffee Roasters in Leeds. The bean is a single source Mexican bean from the Mexican town of La Independencia. The beans are washed and dried on patios.

Here is a quote from Cielo’s website:

” ‘Las Delicias’ means ‘delicious things’ in English, and the coffee is a testament to the delicious possibilities in coffee that the region has to offer. However, the story behind Las Delicias goes beyond the delicious product itself into transforming the lives of coffee farming families.

Mexico 2E-Café – the organisation to which the contributing producers belong – is a faith-based social enterprise established to improve the livelihoods of farmers within Mexico’s poorest state, Chiapas. The organisation seeks to alleviate and, ultimately, eliminate poverty by helping small scale, indigenous coffee farmers in Chiapas to improve the quality of their coffee and find new markets for their product. E-Café provides support, training and financing to their members (in addition to milling and exporting their coffee) and is committed to ensuring that the ‘E’ (in E-Café) continues to stand for Enterprise, Decaff AmericanoEnvironment, Empowerment and Eternity, reflecting the organisation’s commitment to community development through economic empowerment. While coffee is the largest income generator and primary livelihood improvement activity for the organisation, it is a relatively new endeavour for them. They began their charitable work in the region by fully funding a University-prep high school for rural young people, an activity which they continue to fund today.”

You can find out more about Cielo coffee, their shops and their roastery HERE, and this particular coffee bean HERE.

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