Types of espresso coffee drink

What is an espresso?

It’s nothing to do with being fast. The key is in the word “presso” – involving water being pushed through carefully tamped coffee grounds at very high pressure. This produces the small, rich, aromatic drink with a layer of tight bubbles known as a “crema”.

The espresso acts as the base for many drinks, some of them familiar to us, some less familiar.

Here are just some of the espresso coffee drinks you can find all over the world (and in the Corner Coffee House in most cases):

Espresso This is the pure shot of coffee, usually served in a small cup, accompanied by a glass of water. Normally drunk in 1-2 gulps, it gives the consumer a quick caffeine shot before they start their day.

(Did you know a tiramisu is supposed to be eaten early in the day – for the same reason? It should be served small, with an intense coffee shot).

Ristretto Same amount as a single espresso, but extracted with half the water – so an even shorter, intense drink. (We don’t sell this)  Ristretto
Lungo The opposite to a ristretto – same amount of coffee, but double the amount of water.  Caffe_Lungo
Doppio A double espresso.  Doppio
Macchiato An espresso “marked” with a dab of milk or milk foam. Some shops make this a mini latte in an espresso cup.  Macchiato
Americano An espresso added to hot water. If you add hot water to an espresso, you lose the crema, so it’s important to pour the water first, then add the espresso shot. Americano
Cappuccino An espresso with a layer of steamed milk, and foam on top. Often features a sprinkle of chocolate or cinnamon. So named because its colour resembled the robes of Italian Capuchin monks.  cappuccino
Latte An espresso with steamed milk, usually augmented by a latte art pattern.  latte
Mocha A shot of chocolate, followed by espresso, then steamed milk. Sometimes layered with chocolate sprinkles to add to the visual impact. mocha
Flat White There are as many Flat Whites as there are coffee shops. Ours is a double shot of espresso in an 8 oz cup, with specially steamed milk, making it more intense.  Flat White
Cortado Again, these vary. The steamed milk is mixed with the espresso, and the drink is presented in a small glass or tumbler. It’s a Spanish drink, whose milk-based coffees are “con leche”. Similar to the espresso macchiato. Cortado
Latte Macchiato Usually a latte in a tall glass, layered by pouring a shot of espresso through the steamed milk, typically served with a long spoon. Latte Macchiato

So pop back along to the Corner Coffee House and try all the ones we sell!